6am: wake up!!! why is she not up yet!! it's 6am, sun is up already!!! Is she ok? better check if she's still breathing...

(please repeat for 7am, 8am, 9am, 10am and sometimes 11am XDDDD)

He gets breakfast at 7am btw, I just.... am never up early enought to take a picture of it XDDD but he eats and poops and pees and comes back to my bed.

12am: oh thank god. She's up!!! 


me: face... TOO CLOSE!!! excuse me, invading my personal bubble here!! ==


pm 12 : play? play? play?  play? play? play? play? play? play? play? play? play? play? play? play?

my ball..... 

nobody wants to play with me...*cries*

are you going to play with me? *puppy eyes*

Again he gets dinner at 3:30pm. He eats at the speed of light, so no picture again :/ 

alfie:food~ coma~

(after nap)

pm5: is it treat time? is it?  is it? is it? is it? is it? is it? is it? is it? is it? is it? is it? is it? is it? is it? is it? is it?

yay!! I get a dried beef rib! must.wait.til.count.to.10.

Aduo: such is life.... *sigh*

(old man looking maltese. He's only 4yrs old... honest.)

6:30pm: yay~ play time!

Grrrrr~ who's there?! This is my house!! you no come in here!! I'm warning you!! I'm a big boy oh!!

me: and guess what?!more play in the evening...my arm...

alfie: I can fly!!!

alfie: umm, hello? excuse me?!how rude!!

This is not going up on my blog, is it?

alfie:more play!!! 

(10fetches later) play.....?zzz

alfie: I think I'm ready for bed

Me: oh thank god.

alfie: but after playing with mr.snakey???

me: NO.

Me: puppy eyes won't work this time!! Must.RESIST. >///<

(10seconds later) zzzZZZZZZZ

lol mkay. Goodnight alfie.













and you think this entry full of evil english is going to stop here? Muahahaha well it's NOT!!! XD ok it kinda is, but I realised I have so many funny pictures of him sleeping I thought I'd share it here. 

Enjoy :D

pose1 "Granny~ why're your teeth so big?!" lol

pose 2 zombie hands

pose 3 belly up!

pose 4 seriously that can't be comfortable...

pose 5: revenge of the octapus

pose 6 twist this way

pose 7 twist that way

pose 8 tongue out

pose 9 awwww 

pose 10: staring contest. He's not very good.

pose 11 (bathroom floor) when I'm on the toilet LOL

pose 12: when I'm on the computer... lol

pose 13: in his OWN BED!! And normal pose!! (happens from time to time XD)


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