To speed up things a little, this trip record is going to be in english. I've decided and that's that. 


Day two began around 10am when mimi started to bark. Stacy got up instantly because if she didnt Mimi will pee inside the house lol Going on the roof at 10am and over 32degrees celsius is pretty hot but since its just for potty it's ok.  Then with 3people and 6dogs all in one car(yay!) we arrived at our destination for today. It's a dam in Shigang(石岡) District in Taichung. It was a hot day so we just hid in the shade by the dam lol

Lucky Mimi!! She's WHITE!!

Alfie's fur looks flat like a yorkie from drying naturally :( 

whenever we're on a big piece of grassy area, it's ball time for alfie! Poop time for Ajax lol

I'm telling you, this dog can fetch!! We believe there's a little golden retriver living inside his sheltie soul, haha!

little Ajax watching his big brother fetch.

Aduo looking cute like always. The baddest dog in the family, you can never tell by his face grrrr!

It was such a hot day, so we basically sat here from 2pm to 4ish. Yup, we just drove an hour to walk our dogs. No we're not crazy. 

Left is Mimi, right Bingo.

Single mum with her furkids XD

Stacy's schnauzer Bobo has really bad recalls, so does Aduo so they ended up being tied together lol It's more important we don't lose them, right?

And then Mimi spotted something....

a family came by with their pet parrot!! I dont know why they decided to sit SO CLOSE to us, we have 6 dogs and not all of them know about bird manners.... There goes Mimi lol

Mimi: what is THIS??!! Can I eat it???

Fortunetely her mum reached her before she could take a bite :P Mmmm yummy parrots~

Aside from the parrot, all the attention went to Stacy's other sammy, Bingo today. Apparently it's his first time to play with a ball. ALFIE'S BALL!! 

Bingo: what shiny and soft round thing this is. So chewy and bouncy and loveable~

Bingo has never guarded any toy, but he was guarding alfie's ball from the major bully Mimi!!

Mimi: gimme that!

Bingo: NO! chewy round thing mine!!

(Alfie: umm, excuse me?) 

bingo in his world lol he totally fell in love with it. Time to get him one Stacy!!

bingo: my preciousssssss~

poor alfie was all ball-less that day.

Bingo looking super cute when he's in love lol

"I luuuuv u~" 

such a puppy face >///<

Mimi was all pissed off she didnt get her way. What's hers is hers. What's Bingo's is hers. 

 So she went on to tell mum..... I really do want to believe Mimi is the no.2 most well behaved sammy (first is bingo) but when she acts like a kid who doesnt know the word "share" it really doesnt help.... And she can really bark... she'll bark til 

1. her mum threatens to bash her head

2. when she gets what she want...

Bingo on the other hand is a dog that lives in his own world lol

After sitting on our fat asses til almost sun set, we finally decided it's safe enough to venture outside the shade.

when we were half way across the bridge, finally one of us realised....aduo and bobo didnt follow!!

we went back and found these two stuck together on some twig XDDD The look they had on their faces when we found them was too funny.

"did they really just leave without us?" OwO

After crossing the bridge there'sa monument in memorial of the 921 earth quake. And here alfie finally got his ball back! Yay!

Ajax, didnt get much attention today lol

family pic no.2!(monument at the back)

although he's got hound ears we think it suits his personality really well. He's very special in his own way :)

my boys <3

guarding mom's belongings lol

*cough* excuse me aduo!!

Day2 was pretty cruisy. We had a lovely day with our dogs :)

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